(Bershka tee, brandless harem pants)
I still haven't decided whether I like harem pants or not. 
But I have a few pairs and periodically try to find out. 
My only conclusion so far is that this flannel number is
a more reasonable homewear option than any 
jogging pants I could think of.



(Zara tee, New Look jeans, Etam wedges, H&M ring and earrings)
A NYE costume party invitation sounded like a good reason
to go shopping. I unfortunately didn't find anything that would 
help us look more Indianish-cowboyish for the aforementioned
party, but I surprisingly discovered that people were at the mall
with children to take a walk rather than to actually buy things.
The alleys were packed with strollers and the stores packed 
with high school girls hysterically touching 
everything but purchasing nothing (... did I ever do that?).
Or maybe they were there to return some dramatically
faulty toy, which would explain why we didn't queue
together when I bought part of this once more
casual-but-not-too-casual outfit.


Christmas Spirit

Christmas is still in everybody's minds, it's also on my nails.
Happy holidays!



(Etam tank top, Zara jeans, Asos watch, home-made necklace)
(Topshop earrings)
I went to Paulette's party yesterday, party whose theme
was glitters - and there surely was a whole lot of shining and twinkling.
Plus a coloring booth - understand friendly body makeup students 
supposed to express their artistic talents on slightly hysterical 
girls in the half-darkness - which accounts for my shoulder.
The top picture was taken after the glitters got transferred to
everybody standing by my right side. For sure, this party was 
the best opportunity to try my hand-made wings pendant.
Should be pics of the glittery event on the magazine website 
or on their blog soon. Too bad they can't post the music though
because it was really good. 
If you can read French, subscribe. If you can't, subscribe
The photos and illustrations are great anyway. Paulette rocks.



I've been spending so much time on Fancy that I had 
to make something out of it. Pictures being such a huge
part of my life and holidays being such an inspirational time
for me, compiling a bunch of those I "fancied" the most 
seemed like an obvious outcome. No, they aren't all
about fashion. Browsing your way through unknown
beauty is just so fulfilling.


Personal Christmas shopping

(H&M suede leggings, Zara top, boots and bracelet, Louis Vuitton bag, Guess watch)
 I went to Zara for Christmas shopping - and did buy
Christmas presents - but predictably also ended up with
a certain amount of things for myself. 
Another pair of boots... well yes but no, because
those are 1) the warmest boots ever 2) you can
 fold down the top of it, which also make them
the cutest boots ever. All this wasn't meant to be
Christmas shopping for myself, but I'll conveniently
pretend it was so it makes it look a tad less compulsive.
And it put me in such a good mood that I made new earrings.


(Special) wishlist

(Asos suede clutch, 47,08 €)
(Hybrid dress, 114,33 €)
(Asos suede courts, 53,80 €)
I'm nearly as obsessional with planning as I'm with
fashion, so a major occasion to dress-up can lead to 
a massive amount of thinking (and browsing...).
For me, Asos is the equivalent of Zara in the virtual world,
that is to say a place of perdition. 
Five months sounds like a raisonnable deadline to 
start thinking about what I should wear at a friends'
wedding - should it be confirmed I'll be able to attend.
Maybe I just need to purchase those to make sure I can go.


Party wishlist #1} LBD

(Jimmy Choo heels, Dior watch, Balenciaga dress, Paul and Joe Sister cape, Ginette clutch, all from Vestiaires de Copines)
I'm slowly but surely getting into the party mood, 
so for today it will be more of a classical approach.
Nothing's safer than a little black dress and 
killer heels by Jimmy Choo. As for the clutch,
- this number is called "Blondie's back" -
it belongs to one of the series of new items presented 
on the website (for those who were not listening,
Vestiaires de Copines sells luxury second-hand
clothing/accesories). And since no outfits could
be complete without a watch, I'll go for an
obvious chic/ghlamour/classy option.



(H&M skirt and tee, Bershka sweater, Heley earrings best seen here)
Holidays are at the corner and everyone - including me-
is looking forward to dressing up. Maybe not right
now though. I'm not naturally casual, if I can word it
this way, but holidays also mean doing a whole lot
of nothing. Albeit I have tons of work, temptation
is kicking in. Yet I hadn't realized how oversized
this sweater looks until seeing those pictures.
As for the last pic, no posts would be complete
without one of these randomly overexposed photos.


Navy Black

(Zara boots)
As unpopular as it may be, i love pairing black with navy blue. 
I bought this Kookai top last winter and i am still encountering
issues when it comes to composing an outfit based on it. 
This skirt is a secure option, 
although i have absolutely no memory of this purchase. 
I usually wear it with flat boots because it's pretty tight +
pretty frilled, therefore girly enough by itself.


To buy or not to buy

Zara's winter collection is confusing me way too much.
Checked shirt: to buy or not to buy?



 I went to Zara (again). So the question is: Did I buy anything? 
What did I buy?
(Zara boots)
How could I possibly not purchase these, they will fit
so conveniently with my current wardrobe.
Not to mention that wedge boots are winter's 
most practical option.
(Zara tights and dress, Swatch watch)
Speaking of Zara, I bought this dress there 
a few years ago and have been wearing it 
pretty much like once a week since then.
I can see how dramatically soon I'll have to
let it rest in peace though, and this is truly unsettling.
Yes, truly unsettling.


Tips of the day

(Asos collar tips, H+M blouse and shorts, Zara tights and boots)
I bought the shorts and shirt at H&M on that day,
and the collar tips online. It's clearly a challenge not to look 
too much like a cowboy with those on, and it took me a while
to find the ones I really wanted. Most of the collar tips I saw 
would be too country singer-like, too rock star-like, 
well surely not-me-like,  and I just had no idea how 
that could ever match anything in my wardrobe.
Turned out that my best finds were on Asos.