Accestory #2

(New Look watch and bangles, H&M rings)
Those are not the most discrete accessories, 
especially because they clink every single time I move one of my arms 
(which tends to be a recurrent motion throughout the day).
But I love them. They make the simplest outfit look brighter
and smarter. I believe that is what what accessories are meant to be.



(Forever 21 top and earrings, Moa sunnies)
I quite like trying unprobable combinations with prints.
I'm not that adventurous either, but for some unknown reasons, 
pairing colors and patterns gives me the same feeling as cooking.
I wanted those flowery wayfarer-like sunnies the very second 
I spotted them in the store. Oh my, I could never live in a country 
where sunglasses are unnecessary.


Green sun

(Pimkie tee, Camaïeu stole)
The weather was just perfect today. 
Perfect second-hand bookshop market, perfect frozen yogurt at Snöu
perfect afternoon stroll in the breeze...
And the plane trees have started losing their leaves. 


Accestory #1

I've got TONS of accessories. I'm not sure I've ever been 
to a new place without finally purchasing something.
And I remember where each of them comes from. 
I bought the strawberry bracelet in Claires' accessories in Japan 
and the red and white earrings in a second-hand shop, also in Japan. 
It was something like 1 AM, we wanted to clean our closet out before 
moving back to France and it was one of the few stores of that kind 
open at this time of the day/night. I can't remember what we sold, 
but I walked outwith a bunch of things, and feeling 
extremely frustrated because all the shoes 
I had tried on turned out to be too small.
That was kind of a regular misfortune while living in Japan. 
As for the white necklace, I've had it since high school. 
I had bought it at the market during summer vacation.


Il pleut

(Vintage ring and Ice Watch)
I bought those rain boots in Japan during the rainy season.
I don't get many opportunities to wear them in France, 
but today was definitely the day to take them out of the closet!



(Left hand and iced caffe latte)
(Right hand and feet)

I'm kind of obsessed with nail polish. No way I'd stay with
bare nails, it makes me feel as if I was naked!


Film & Fashion... post #1

Film and fashion... mmmm? 
Films have always inspired me in many ways,
and although it can sound random: it includes fashion.
Films are surely not made for fashion,
but they can surely do a pretty good job...
Then, I must confess I love period films. And I love Asian films.
I have seen a fair amount of Japanese and Chinese period films, but 
Hwang Jin Yi was the first Korean one of this kind I actually heard of.

 I was so thick into it that I cried rivers.
Actress Song Hyekyo is astonishingly beautiful and wears fantastic
jewels - her stone rings are to die for.
Obviously these outfits would probably be quite inappropriate
to drive a caror walk up the subway stairs,
so here is the modern wish-list I've come up with:

(Yohji Yamamoto pants are available here)
(Maje Iam-totally-obessed-with shoes are here)
(Bel Air top on this page)
(Chloé leather purse here)

(Just one click away from Morganne Bello pink gold ring)
 I love the mix of materials on the Bel Air top
and the rich look these glitters provide.
Also pink gold reflects so much more light than golden gold,
it would make any piece of jewelry look smart.
And I'm not going to talk about those Maje wooden platform sandals...
Sounding hysterical can seriously affect credibility.
If you get inspired by their hairstyles and actually find a hairstylist
who can hold to this sort of expectations, send me a note!


A perfect day for goldfishes

(Forever 21 ring)
(300-Yen sunnies bought in Japan)
(HM belt)
(300-Yen duffle bag bought in Japan)
(Zara tee, New Look jeggings and watch, heels bought on the market)
I can't remember where I bought those lotus-like earrings,
but I do love them. Also, totally random but I just
adore this wicker chair. It belonged to my Grandmother, so
it's authentic vintage! Obviously, the flowered cushion 
I'm sitting on is vintage as well... Might show it later!


Shaker of the day

(Nail file, schedule book and one of the many Hello Kitty pens I brought back from Japan - this one is from Nara.

I know it looks like I'm drinking hot chocolate but I ain't!
This mug is totally unappropriate when it comes to iced drinks,
but inside is actually my favorite smoothie:
banana, organic cocoa and soy milk. 
I sometimes make it with vanilla soy milk, which is just irresistible. 
One tip: store the bananas in your fridge, so that you
don't need to chill the drink and can enjoy it right away.


I've been pretty much obsessed with  
 since we came back from London. I tried most of it in Harrod's 
and stuffed all the fragrance test strips into my handbag.
I believe this now gives me a fairly good account of what Private Blend 
can be! Wondering what it comes to on your skin.



(Rayban sunglasses, Zara tee, vintage navy pants, Jennyfer bag)

(Zara bracelet & a ring I bought in Japan in a {very} small shop)
(Bala Booste earrings, H&M hair pin)
Today would have been a regular summer day if July and August
had not been rainy and cold. We went to Starbucks yearning for AC
and found out that they only had a fan, not even as good
as those we've got home... 32,5 °C in the shade, by the 
end of the day, must be why frappuccino felt so good.


And I'm drinking iced mint tea

(Vintage sunnies bought there - Zara tee)

(Burberry handbag)
(Swatch watch)
I bought those sandals in the department store Vivre in Nara, Japan. 
They were on sale and costed something like 400 Yens (about 3.5).
As for the feather earrings, they come from a 300 Yen shop 
that used to be at the top floor of the Vivre mall. 
Japan is the best place ever for bargain hunters...


Flowery dots

(Etam heels, no-brand sarouel pants)
(+H&M tank top)
It's like summer has started today in France, 
so everything I could come up with is dots and flowers.