(Home-made earrings previously seen here, Zara leggings)
 I bought this dress in Kyoto, in a store that was so small that
you could not walk in if a customer was standing at the register.
One of those shops where they sell clothing but also tons of 
things ranging from fashion accessories to houseware including 
stationery, some of them whose purpose remain obscur 
to most of us. Too bad I can't remember the name of 
the place/brand though. This dress is so comfy, I usually 
wear it on the plane for any trips that take more than 5 hours
Plus I love the somewhat ancient greek-roman drape effect.


Navy tassels

(Zara top here, I-cant-remember-where-it-comes-from ring, home-made earrings)
I LOVE earrings. Probably as much as scarves and purses
and shoes. I did those myself, when I was desperately looking 
for navy blue earrings with tassels (I love tassels). 
Since then I have become pretty obsessed with making 
earrings by myself. I even sometimes end up calculating 
whether that'd be cheaper/more fun to make that 
number I'm looking at in the store at home.



I have developed a strange obsession with sweaters. 
For a long time sweaters were only those things you'd have to 
wear on sport class days, things you would surely not wear out 
of free-will. But the other day in Zara, I realized I had picked up 
a blazer that looked like a sweater, a dress that looked like
a sweater, a skirt that looked like a sweater and
two actual sweaters (including the one on the snaps above).
The truth is that it was feeling even cosier once paired 
with those New Look denim leggings.


Banana boots

I'm quite obsessed with ankle boots at the moment. 
Like really obsessed. I mean, they go with everything, 
they're smaller than boots then easier to put in your suitcase, 
and I believe this ankle height is just the perfect fit for any 
woman. As for those Topshop boots, I love everything: 
the platform, the banana heels, the elasticated
side panel detail, the suede finish... I wouldn't wear
them today because it's raining like hell, but I do want them now.



(Heley earrings, Calvin Klein watch, H&M ring, home-made top)
 PEAH's weekend! The PEAH is a yearly three-day event dedicated
to young fashion designers, running over the weekend in Lyon 
and closing today. The place was really small and the corners
really close to one another, but it gave a somewhat cosy feeling
to the whole thing, which, as far as I am concerned, could make
me buy even more. I got those earrings from Heley,
who had a series of lovely earrings (all unique pieces and sold
separately,which explains why the two aren't the same),
plus lovely clothing. This designer having a 
store in Lyon, I refrained myself, although I REALLY wanted 
the Inuit green hoodie and skirt (photos on the website). Oh my, 
this Inuit hoodie paired with those earrings would just rock.



(Home-made earrings)
(Guess watch, H&M ring
(Ray-Ban sunnies, Mango Pea-coat, Zara leggings and knit, New Look loafers already seen there)
It's surely kind of strange to have this post entitled "red"
when the first 6 photos feature no red at all, but the truth
is that I can't say what color this knit is (are you going to 
tell me it's turquoise? Yet I have a certain loathe for this word, 
although I love the color). Also regarding the improbable poses,
it's because I was first really annoyed when I realized it was
actually quite cold outside, but then I remembered this pea-coat
I  bought last year (or maybe the year before...),
then I went sort of frantic.


For an ideal stroll in Japan

I haven't been to Japan for more than a year now, and I miss it 
so much. The top photo is a poster we've got in our living room. 
It was a campaign for the city of Nara (where we lived in Japan), 
we just just couldn't resist the deer's (lovely) ears 
(google Nara and you'll understand what the whole deer
thing is about). Fantasizing about Japan, I usually end up in a 
pretty enthusiastic fashion mood... this is when I ended up figuring out 
what the ideal outfit would be for an ideal stroll in Japan during the 
ideal season that fall is over there. 
First went wandering around by Vide Dressing, another second hand 
on-line store I'm totally obsessed with. And in an ideal world where
my budget would know no limits, I'd dress up with this 
Miu Miu duffle coat, those perfect Vanessa Bruno ankle boots and 
this Paul & Joe dress, all this ideally teamed with this purse 
by Jimmy choo and a Bulgari watch (*obsessed*). 
Second hand socks do not sound like a good deal, so I'd probably
just end up on the Topshop on-line store (*obsessed*, encore).



(Caroll cape)
(H&M tweed skirt and ring, Uniqlo cardigan, Calvin Klein watch, vintage blouse)
(Ralph Lauren boston bag, New Look booties)
I have spent the last two months scanning all winter-looking
shop windows around, looking for a camel cape. 
Until I encountered the one I'm wearing above, although this was 
unfortunately at 10 pm... Came back during opening hours,
tried it on and left the store wearing it (after a quick detour
by the register, obviously). I've got the feeling that everyone
was looking at me today, but I assume it's the caped crusader effect.
As for the tweed skirt, I just thought that'd be my new favorite
formal (and pinkish) number.  I didn't mention the scarf brand
but this is because - once more - I bought it in Japan
(among many other things) and wouldn't remember where
it comes from. The only thing I can say is that I bought it in Kobe. 



(Zara top, I-dont-know-where-this-skirt-comes-from skirt, American Apparel tank top underneath & boots best seen here)
(Vintage clutch/purse/briefcase?)
The pleated skirt belonged to my sister until recently, but I was 
somehow wearing it more than she was, so it ended up into my closet 
(as a gift, I did not steal it!). I bought the watch in Japan, and for 
some strange reasons, I perfectly remember the place and time, but
not the name of the shop... Same with the earrings, I bought them 
just before New Year's Eve 2007, in a sparky department store 
that didn't look like Christmas around Christmas but did look like
Christmas around New Year's. I don't mean the decorations - 
departments store in Japan kind of look like it's Christmas time 
all year round - I mean the atmosphere.
As for the purse, it looks vintage and it is vintage, bought this year
at the Vintage Fashion Market (Marché de la Mode Vintage) in Lyon,
it is actually more like a briefcase, although the terminology seems 
odd for such an antique looking number. I love the Morrocan style 
leatherwork (although my arm is definitely on the way on the pic) and 
I love it's so worn out. Can't help wondering what it's been through.



(Topshop knit, Maje leather skirt, Paul Smith courts, Lancel BB wallet)
(Jimmy Choo low boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Sandro cardigan, Zadig & Voltaire silk skirt)
I'm missing Japan lately. And when I've reached the point I'm saying it,
it means I'm missing it like hell. For some obscure reasons 
(well, not that obscure actually), the more I'm indulging
in my Japanese mood, the more I'm shopping. 
The more I'm indulging in my Japanese mood, 
the more I'm *girly* shopping, should I say. 
This is when I usually end up on Vestiaire de Copines: the website
where I satisfy a lot of my cravings for fashion. This beautiful project is 
French (yeah!) but their website is also available in English. 
 I quite like the idea of buying from other fashion addicts actually.
At the moment, I'm thick into leather, fur, silk and colors 
(that's what I meant by "girly"). Incidentally, he Lancel wallet,
which belongs to the uber-hella-fantastic BB collection, is so
uber-hella-fantastic itself that it'd be sad to keep ip inside your purse.
I mean, those gals (I mean, this one has to be a she) need fresh air too.
Speaking of which, it's geting chilly out there:

(Les Petites cape available here, and Bel Air bomber here)


Leather box

(Brandless knit, The Kooples T, customized leggings)

H&M has got the best leggings for D.I.Y and those have become my 
tuxedo-like leggings. I was hoping it'd be warm enough 
to take out my new tee yesterday, but ended up with my knit on
all day.  As for the bag, which is clearly the most 
interesting item on my bed (yes, our graphic duvet cover is cool),
it comes from Japan (bought at The Emporium)
and looks like a box.  Plus the leather design is lovely.



(New Look knit and jeans, brand-less shirt)
(Pimkie tote, New Look derbies, ring bought on the market in Barcelona)

 I had bought this knit when it was still fairly warm 
and today was basically the first day I could even consider wearing it. 
I bought the denim shirt in Japan and quite trimmed it, but the color 
is just perfect. My favorite on this page is the ring, so original.
Might be this gray summer followed by a super belated 
July in September, but for the first time I'm delighted fall is coming.



Who would have known that I would ever be glad when the 
temperature drops off. But I guess camel leather buckled boots
were a good reason to change my view on fall. Rain rocks!



When you come to think about it, wine goes pretty well with
the season, it's all a matter of colors I guess.
So brown, dark red and gold are just what my nails need right now.
As for the wine - and although this one is actually white wine -
this is the last bottle we bought, partly because
the guy said it's "a sharp and elegant flavor", partly because of the 
acrobat elephant. Verdict tomorrow night, we're invited out.



(Asos watch & polka dot manicure)
 Well, actually none of these is antique, 
the shorts and the ring come from H&M. 
But that fall colors - orange, brown etc- revival, 
plus the small flowers kind of look antique to me. 
The print could me more tapestry-like though.
Those pumps could be vintage, but they're just old and shot 
(and comfy), that's all. I bought the leggings in Japan, although 
nobody would believe me if I was talking about antique leggings, 
anyway. The blouse is vintage, so I'm not totally off-track.