Beloved Marc

I tend to love shoes and bags by Marc Jacobs,
as well as the Marc by Marc Jacobs' collections,
so yes, I can write a post just for Marc Jacobs' boots
(which makes a lot of Marc Jacobs in one sentence).
The scallop cut, the color, the suede fabric, those
boots are just so sweet. 



(Kary dress by Ba&sh, 325)
I want this dress for my New Year's party. 
Bi-material, leather skirt, front and back V-neck, 
I can't help thinking this is exactly what 
I already had in mind. I keep looking at it here.
Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.



(Zara blazer, Bershka T, DIY leggings, New Look booties)
(Swatch watch, rings bought in Japan)
I bought this green blazer in Zara on Monday, and I'm now
kind of addicted. I do not need to wear a suit,
so (customized) leggings and home-made earrings
(see here for a close-up) looked like appropriate
dress-down complements. I'm considering buying
the matching skirt though, because this color is just
the perfect hue of green (and I do wear suits sometimes too).
Plus, below is a snap of yesterday's outfit - same blazer.

(Zara blazer, dress and tights)



The Naked palette by Urban Decay is just
everything I need for eye make-up. 
The shades are absolutely perfect, 
and paired to the eye primer potion,
it lasts forever. No super long and hectic days
would tame those intense hues and 
subtle shimmer. I had been wanting it for months, 
I just can't understand why it actually took me 
so long to go to Sephora and buy it.
Now I 'm coveting the  



(Vintage YSL knit, Zara coat, scarf, loafers and purse, H&M suede leggings, vintage earrings)

I bought the YSL cardigan at Fripes Ketchup Lyon
during private sales (see their Facebook page for info). 
A small factory that had been tailoring for YSL,
  Courrèges and Paco Rabanne for decades closed 
and sold their stocks out. Only brand new unique pieces 
kept over the years for their own records.
The funny thing is that some of those items 
weren't even labeled since they weren't meant to be released.
Anyway, there are so many fabulous finds in this vintage
store that I usually end up totally overwhelmed.


Perfect coat

(Coat by Topshop, 364)
This Topshop coat is just EVERYTHING i love. 
I got so emotional when I spotted it. 
The low waist and wide belt, 
the huge faux-fur collar, the color combination, 
the slightly cocoon silhouette... 
Such a coat definitely makes me love winter.



(Jeans, courts, tee and jacket by Zara, Tom Ford sunnies best seen here)
(Zara shoes available here)
This could be the night version of this outfit.
I'm so obsessed with all the things I bought 
in Zara lately, and especially with those heels
that I just adore. Bicolor pumps - no matter
whether they're flat or heeled - give such a 
classy-classic shot to an outfit.
This fall collection has seen so many bi-material numbers
such as linen tees with leather patches or wool 
skirts paired to suede and I love those combinations. 
The skirt variation may be my next purchase.



(red knit best seen here)
Last weekend was such a DIY weekend. 
Nothing can top wearing things you've created
with your own hands, no matter how simple the
aforementioned things may be.


Wanted: Alexander Wang

(Alexander Wang Anais- Black Spazzolato, $650)
Those heels are killing me. 
Actually, quite all of Alexander Wang's creations 
are killing me.
Not to mention the fact that he is not even 30.  
I also literally adore the Black Alice pumps
and their (removable but I personally 
would NOT remove them) rabbit fur trims on heels. 


Sunday. Zara.

(Zara faux-fur jacket, tee, jeans & sunnies, Nixon watch)
(Topshop tote, New Look loafers)
Apart from the sunnies, everything from Zara belongs to 
this fall-winter collection (and this is not even everything 
I have actually purchased...). Just before leaving home, 
I grabbed a handbag by Zara and figured out that might
be a little too Zara-esque (if not already).
Today's weather was just Sunday-perfect and we went for a walk 
and we turned into frantic photographers as if we were 
running some important (to ourselves at least) report 
for some important (to nobody) magazine. Although all 
this blogging thing can sometimes look irritating very serious,
one can never plan a nervous breakdown, and one 
ought to be aware that one might just as well 
end up pulling faces like this one:
The interesting point is that Tomotoshi shot this pic 
with the utmost serious face.


Casual Friday

(Zara faux-fur outer, knit and loafers, New Look leggings, H&M earrings, knitted tote bought in Japan)
At last, I purchased a faux-fur jacket. With the hood on,
I really look like an Eskimo - or at least, I really feel
like one. I bought the knitted tote bag in a small store 
that was only selling apparel/accessories 
made out of organic materials. Also those loafers
(best seen here) have been my favorite lately, especially 
on those days when I do not feel like dressing up but can't 
truly dress down either. I've always had issues with 
going casual... I've got a few lovely pieces in my wardrobe
that I keep looking at but just never know what to pair them 
with. But I'm working on it.



Those gorgeous heels are my new shoe obsession. By Zara of course.



(Caroll cape best seen here, New Look loafers, skirt bought in Japan, brandless knit)
I bought this pleated and striped skirt in Ueno, Tokyo,
on one of those marathon-like shopping days when I 
would basically only move from one shopping center to 
another. The knit is one of my last purchases - no brand,
but it feels wonderful and this is just the perfect shade of red.
This outfit would have probably felt better if it hadn't
been raining that hard today tough!


Glam-rock myself

(Zara knit, New Look jeggings, home-made earrings)
(H&M low boots, home-made ring best seen here)
I am aware that these... studs (?) look weird. 
But I actually like the combination between this simple 
(yet slightly glittery) knit and asymmetrical (bold) details.
Paired to my new H&M low boots (I'm still totally obsessed 
with ankle boots), it's somehow the closest I can get 
to any glam-rock outfit.



(Michael Kors,$250)
(Michael Kors, $250)
(Michael Kors, $225)
Yesterday, we were thinking of Christmas presents.
Speaking of which - on a very self-centered/selfish point of view -
it reminded me of my absolute love for watches 
and more specifically for Michael Kors's collections.
Golden, silver, rose golden, horn and tortoise, ceramic...
every single number is mind-blowing.  Sophisticated, 
classically elegant and yet resolutely modern. Irresistible.



(Top to bottom, left to right: Sandro, Sessun, Zara, Sandro, The Kooples, Max Mara)       

Lately every time I walk into a store, I end up pondering
on some (faux-)fur jackets. It is just the sartorial epitome of winter! 
I haven't found the perfect one for me yet, 
but here is a little selection of cool numbers
all seen on Vestiaire de Copines (and all below 150€!).


Black & gold

(H&M top, Topshop earrings, Grandmother's vintage necklace, Asos watch)
This necklace was also in the jewel box I found this weekend
(see here for the first part of the story). 
I had an intense color block chapter this summer, but I'm now
moving back to a more bi-color-with-a-lot-of-black period.
This does not keep me away from bold purses and 
statement shoes though, pretty much the opposite actually.
But somehow it feels more wintery this way.



I found those little treasures in a small jewel box 
left by my grandmother. That was so moving to uncover those
years later. I must find some DIY ideas to 
honor them and wear them as much as possible.