Sunday. Zara.

(Zara faux-fur jacket, tee, jeans & sunnies, Nixon watch)
(Topshop tote, New Look loafers)
Apart from the sunnies, everything from Zara belongs to 
this fall-winter collection (and this is not even everything 
I have actually purchased...). Just before leaving home, 
I grabbed a handbag by Zara and figured out that might
be a little too Zara-esque (if not already).
Today's weather was just Sunday-perfect and we went for a walk 
and we turned into frantic photographers as if we were 
running some important (to ourselves at least) report 
for some important (to nobody) magazine. Although all 
this blogging thing can sometimes look irritating very serious,
one can never plan a nervous breakdown, and one 
ought to be aware that one might just as well 
end up pulling faces like this one:
The interesting point is that Tomotoshi shot this pic 
with the utmost serious face.

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