Shoe love

Obviously those shoes by Kenzo are not mine.
I actually considered threatening him with divorce when
I noticed this undecided look on his face.
Thank God, he came back to his senses.
The lady in the department store felt the need to reassure us:
"there are also black shoelaces in the box."
Thanks, but we actually want the orange ones. 
Look, even the soles look hot. 
To tell you the truth, the box looked hot too.
For the first time in my life, I almost wished I was a man.



I don't understand women who don't do their nails.
Unless it's a time issue, since I must confess 
these cows were fairly time-consuming.
I think it's been three years I haven't left home with bare nails, 
and two years I haven't "just" painted them in only one color.
One more deeply superficial conclusion:
so many possibilities, so easy to feel creative, pretty addictive.
Concretely: two or three manicures a week. 


New In

Ankle-strapped heels by Zara.
Long week, lovely treat. 
I was not really convinced by the ankle strap trend 
that has been running lately.
I tend to be skeptical when literally all fashion writers
on literally all medias start featuring the very same thing.
That was before these heels hit my eyes. 
Deep plum hue, suede, perfect height (sigh).
I tried the beauties on and suddenly agreed with them all. 


Summer line-up

I was looking at (part of) my summer courts/wedges
and realized that all these are Zara. 
I just can't get enough.



I'm still on a highly summery mood but couldn't
resist this pink leather jacket by Athé Vanessa Bruno, 
which turned out to be the softest and sweetest jacket ever.


Current lashes

I'm now convinced that Sublime de Chanel - which, for unkown
reasons exists only in black in waterproof - 
and Singulier Nuit Blanche by YSL are my 
faves of all times when it comes to mascara. 
Especially in purple. Nothing like 
bright fuchsia though, both are more like vibrant brown. 



(Mango tank top, H&M skirt)
(Tom Ford aviators, Mango earrings)
(Mango ring + Mr. Rabbit mani as a guest star)
It's just so easy to look summery with this skirt.
Yet I don't really understand the recent massive inflow of 
pink I've noticed in my wardrobe.



Experimenting with Essie nail lacquers,
while slightly obsessed.


Never too many

We did some long-awaited summer tidying up, 
which included space arrangement for... my purses.
I swear, I counted them.


Pink X grey

Yes, these wedges are pretty high. 
Make me feel taller than everybody in the subway, for what it's worth.
Believe me not, but they're super lightweight. 



Sun. Heat. Pedi.
And brandless gladiators thrifted for 12 Euros each.
If summer betrays us, I'll wear them at home. 



Flats are such an easy option for a touch of neon.
Yes, these sandals are by Zara (and on sale).


Peter Pan

(Zara top, H&M jeans, heels from Japan previously seen here)
(Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, knuckle ring by Galeries Lafayette)

Damn, I gave in, I surrendered to the Peter Pan
collar trend. I have a problem with little-girl-like-
easy-cute-stuff and have been staring in distrust
at this Peter Pan thing for quite a while.
That is when the waxed jeans and 
knuckle ring come in, rescuing me from
the girly threat. Hopefully.
Note that I have nothing special against girly 
outfits as long as they do not enter my closet 
and dress others. It would just kind of look weird on me.


Birthday arm

(H&M bangle, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Asos bracelet)

Birthday treat for my birthday arm. I can't stop 
contemplating my new favorite watch.


Vintage fashion market photo diary


I feel fairly lucky that we have the Vintage Fashion Market 
(Marché de la Mode Vintage) in Lyon. 
Posting a couple of snapshots to give you an idea of how much 
money you could burn in such a lovely place.