February was so cold. It even snowed. 
And when it's cold, basically:
I wear my favorite (Zara) boots, I hide myself under layers,
I wear slouchy wool knits (above from H&M), I drink lots of latte,
and I contemplate the city - our balcony - 
under three centimeters of snow.
February is over.



(Eram loafers, H&M socks)
I've been reacquainting with funky socks lately.
Collateral damage from my loafer obsession I guess.
Some more spring options on their way.


By The River

(Shorts print)
(Zara scarf/sweater, H&M shorts/leggings, Ray Ban sunnies Eram loafers)
 Leather loafers are perfect for a Sunday stroll,
and such a good option for flats if you don't want to look
too casual (I can't remember ever wanting to look casual).
Bangles by New Look best seen here,
Ice Watch also here.



(Sandro wedges best seen here, New Look jeans, H&M jacket, Zara blouse)
I lived in Japan so I tend to avoid all the so-called 
Japanese-like fashion trends which usually do not 
refer to anything actually existing in the real world.
Plus I believe Hello Kitty should be forbidden above 
the age of 10. But jackets inspired by kimonos sometimes
offer such a perfect combination of sleek and easy that
I believe one can become a real tool to effortless chic.
I think this one will be come up a lot over the spring.



(Wedges by Sandro)
Recently purchased wedges by Sandro. 
Probably the most comfortable shoes I've had at this height.
Plus Sandro's new SS collection is so desirable.


Sunny Day

(Zara coat, sweater and purse, H&M pants, New Look booties)
(Sunnies from Japan)
Today was so mild and sunny, I was right in the mood
for a bright red accessory combo.
New purse purchased on sale at Zara and sunnies bought
for 300 yens (about 3 Euros) in Japan years ago.



(Kookai knit seen here, Uniqlo tee, H&M faux-leather pants and booties)
(Carrera vintage sunnies)
 New faux-leather pants from H&M, they rock.




(Brooklyn Raglan Fur Jacket by Rachel Zoe, $395 on Moda Operandi)
I'm a huge fan of the Zoe Report by Rachel Zoe and I've been 
eyeing every single collection available on Moda Operandi 
since it was launched, and even more since I received a 
(pretty comfortable) discount after participating to some contest 
they were sponsoring.  I wanted an original fur jacket, 
so there you go.  Should be delivered around July-August, I can't wait. 
I may then even convince myself it's suitable on a summer chilly night.


Odd Light

(Zara tee, New Look jeggings, vintage booties, jacket from Japan)
(Scarf: gift from Japan)
We went from -10 to +8 degrees in less than 24 hours, 
but we also entered a series of painful rainy-grey sky days,
which explains the awkward light on the snapshots above. 
But - and although it isn't related whatsoever - I found out that
even if the Sales are officially over, most of the stores are
still selling leftovers at super low prices. This is how
I acquired this tee, and since these pictures do not 
give enough credit to the complexity of this multi-material,
multicolor, asymmetric cut top,  I guess I'll have to wear it 
again on a warmer day... There was no way I'd take off my jacket.
I bought it in Japan years ago, I can't even remember where, 
which is a shame because I wear it a lot; it is so warm.
Brandless vintage boots first seen here
they're one of my best mid-season flat options.



(Rings from Japan, Asos watch best seen here, Kookai top also here)
I usually like fairly massive rings, but I remember
how mesmerized I was when I spotted those thin bands
in a little store in Tokyo (東京駅八重洲地下街で).
In the same vein, I want these RP/Encore rings
which exist in silver, yellow gold, pink gold and black gold.
And I want them all.


A Touch of Spring Spirit

(H&M spring collection knit & winter collection suede leggings, DIY earrings)
(Zara boots previously seen here)
The Sale season is nearly over and the overwhelming flow of 
spring/summer collections while it is still -10 °C outside 
leaves me literally bewildered. Well, not bewildered enough
to pull out since I came back with this lovely mariniere-like knit
(with lovely golden buttons on the shoulders sadly invisible 
on these photos, probably because it's so overexposed...).
Note to self: next time I should look up.



(Kookai striped top, H&M black tee and tank)
Ending Sale. New top. Pink stripes. Coffee time.



I love plaits. You surely need A LOT of hair on your
head (and a fair amount of technique!) to do such hairstyles, 
but please, how beautiful is that?


Cold - Cont'd

(New Look leggings, vintage knit, The Kooples shirt)
(H&M ring)
I like shirts buttoned all the way up on other women, but I 
always find it somewhat disturbing on myself, 
Well, for now the cold has won this battle.
I've had those boots for years and they're shot,
but I can't seem to make up my mind to give up their
cute Eskimo look (yes, I am fully aware that Inuits do not
wear boots like these), plus they are so warm and comfy.
Time has probably come to find a replacement...



(Mango dress, American Apparel turtle neck, Zara tights)
No more fantasies about spring for a while, 
because it's just freaking cold today. 
Well, it's nothing more than the usual 
winter temperature, but we had 10°C for
Christmas, so I wasn't expecting to wear wool this year.
My flowery/summery Mango dress reminded me
of another good sale find made last year (or the year before?),
but one appropriate to the calendar this time.