Summer Wedges

(H&M bag, Zara wedges)
I think I have found the perfect summer wedges.


A Day Like Today

(Zara blouse also seen here and courts, vintage pants, Nixon watch)

 I bought this blouse and those courts during the sale 
and was just waiting for a day like today to take them out.
Outfit-wise speaking, I am definitely a spring/summer person.


Dior Addicted

I am OBSESSED with Dior Addict's Lip Maximizer 
and Lip Glow.
They are perfect for spring. 
Probably perfect anytime anyway.



(H&M tee, pants, belt + Zara pumps)
(Nixon watch, Forever 21 earrings)
 I wanted floral pants, I found them. Ankle length, huge flowers,
bright colors, those are definitely going to be my spring fave. 
Full package for 15 (no kiiidding).
Also in case you'd wonder, yes, I sometimes 
take my hands out of my pockets.



(Zara top and necklace, H&M skirt, Dim tights)
(Cant-remember-where-they're-from pumps)
(Asos watch, H&M statement ring)
Color, I want color.
It took me weeks to find the summer necklace of my dreams
(yes, how dramatic is that) and, once more, we met in Zara (sigh). 
Same with this top which is quite the perfect top for the season,
that-is-to-say silk/cotton combined to asymmetrical trim.


Scarf printed

(Bershka oversized sweater, Uniqlo shirt, H&M shorts, Calvin Klein watch, Dim tights)
Those scarf printed shorts are my new fave.
As somebody wisely noted "they're really pink 
and really short". Indeed, my new favorite pink shorts.
I literally adore this scarf print trend.
Spring where are thee?


Spring Cardigan

(Forever 21 cardigan, Sandro sweater tee, H&M jeans, Zara loafers, Ray-Ban sunnies)
(Guess watch, Zara belt)
Candy nails, Wayfarer and my brand new spring cardigan (sigh 
of contentment). Also I don't think I 'll possibly ever 
get fed up with those loafers. 
Finally, I've decided to stick to those sweater-like numbers
 that are not actual sweaters, they are just 
way to comfy too give up, and seem to help me acquaint
myself with somewhat more casual outfits.



(Chanel sunnies, New Look sweater, H&M jeans, Zara shirt/boots)
(Accessories: H&M, Zara)
For some strange reasons, spring shopping 
and zebras make perfect sense to me.
This sweater - I have decided to stop buying sweaters, 
I can't seem to be capable of applying this decision - 
It was too late to resist it from the very second I saw it.
I may even indulge in some more animal prints this season.


Black Basics

I had been looking for a black classical purse for quite 
a while. I have a bunch of clutch-size ones, and a pretty large bag too, 
but nothing that'd be at the same time sleek and handy. 
Finally spring shopping in Zara did not only consist
of pastel-hued jeans and color-block sandals (stay tuned - 
it's still way too cold here to take those sandals out now
but their time will come).
I admit the last snapshot doesn't give a very clear idea 
of the inside of the bag, but at least you can see that 
there's enough room for basically everything.



(H&M skinny jeans/cardigan, Zara top, brandless boots)

(Asos watch, H&M ring and bracelet)
Top bought during the Sale, skinny jeans bought this week for 10,
boots best seen here.
This season's bangles/necklaces/earrings rock in H&M.
I can't wait for spring to be here, and should the temperature drop 
it could as well threaten my mental health.



(Topshop tote, Zara scarf/leggings, jacket/sunnies from Japan)
The past few days have been so warm, reacquainting 
with my huge collection of sunnies (not that I had totally walked
away from it over the winter though), short sleeve tops and 
light scarves is fantastic. This was also the occasion to take
this cropped jacket out of my closet. Bought in Japan 
I don't remember where, probably around the same time
as those sunnies (less than 5 Euros sunnies, actually). 
As for the wedge sneakers, Isabel Marant's Beketts 
were seen pretty much everywhere on the Web,
followed by a massive wave of cheaper numbers directly
inspired from the (wow expensive) original superstars.
Those are unfortunately not the real ones, but definitely
the only sneakers on earth I would agree to wear unless
 I'm going to the gym, which is what sneakers 
are made for: work out. Ok, I admit I'm being mean
because I have never understood how to wear regular
sneakers without feeling like an idiot. I just don't know how people
 manage to look good with a pair of Converse. 


Flower Power

(Tom Ford sunnies, H&M blouse, vintage necklace, vintage/H&M rings, Calvin Klein watch)

Floral blouse and vintage necklace - colors colors colors. 
Waiting for spring.