(Jean, top best seen here, courts also here} Zara, vintage blazer)
(From left to right: DIY, DIY, H&M, DIY, H&M)
I never thought I could ever buy pink pants.
I tried the yellow ones but it didn't feel right. 
I tried the mint ones but it didn't feel any better.
Then I looked at those, which however didn't really
look okay, but this lady who was staring at me 
suggested I should try them on.
I did try them on and realized I liked them. 
Then I looked back and the lady had disappeared 
in the blink of an eye, leaving only fog behind her.
Then I looked back and the lady was smiling, 
apparently very content with herself,
so I assumed it looked good.
The last snap was taken yesterday, 
but I'm so obsessed with my new home-made
bracelets that I think I'm going to wear those everyday
for a while. Thank you Man Repeller for the Arm Party.
DIY tutorials inspired by the Arm Party booming train are 
literally everywhere on the Web, but my favorites are on
More on the vintage blazer next time.


New In

New wedges by Zara. I couldn't help photographing them
from all angles. They have these little details - look at this
touch of nude hue on the sole, look at the wedge shape,
look at the square open toe! - 
that give this pair a somewhat designer/couture edge 
while it's high street (59,95€!).


Palm trees

(Mango blazer, Zara dress, belt and boots)
The weather is disgusting, but I'm not giving in, 
I've got palm trees.


I heart Sessùn

(Sessùn dress, Zara scarf and courts)
(Left to right: home-made, Berber, H&M X2, Zara, H&M)
I'm not a big fan of this "I heart..." fad,
 but in this very case it seemed to be the most
accurate way to express my feelings towards Sessùn.
I bought this dress on Vestiaire Collective, which
is definitely the kind of websites I can't browse
without finally purchasing something. 
This dress is EXACTLY me. Like you know, if I was
to draw one - I would be incapable of this but - this is
what I would draw. Then I might have made it purple though.
On a side note, I think I found the perfect nude courts.


New In

(Elizabeth & James sunnies, Zara tee, Forever 21 cardigan)
New sunnies by Elizabeth and James (sigh), Fairfax in tortoise
shell color bought via Moda Operandi (sign number two).
The amount of sighs equals my love for 1) ELizabeth and James, 
2) Moda Operandi, although both surely are places of perdition
for anyone who falls for beautiful things.  


Getting Party Ready - Changing Plans

Given the sudden change of weather we experienced in 
France, I had to give up my suede sandals plans and
opt for... another Zara combo. 
Can't believe I spent half the night out without snapping
even one picture of the whole outfit. Must be the holiday
spirit.  Yes, I'm on vacation, which explains the 
posting black-out. Brb. 


Getting Party Ready

So there you go: end of the already-revealed-mystery:
I bought the green and blue sandals at Zara. Plus this
beautiful purse, which is actually the ideal combo 
between the usual shoulder-strap purse and the clutch. 
See left-down corner? Scholl party feet, yes.
AND I'm now on Instagram (I'm sure you could feel the 
surreal light halo on the heels).
See you there: matcha_latte_wardrobe.



(Zara, 39,95)
I saw them and I bought them.
Which ones? No, not both.
Photos next time.


Quick Fix

(Zara jeans and scarf, Mango jacket,H&M tee, courts from Japan)

Quick fix seems to be today's motto since I started the day 
by opening my eyes at the very time when I was supposed to
leave my house. Breakfast or make-up? 
Make-up, said my face while looking at itself in the bathroom
mirror. Quick fix again when I snapped 
these yes I know once more overexposed photos.
Outfit-speaking, I almost ended up all black until I grabbed 
those red coated jeans previously seen here and here.
Conclusion of the day: never under-estimate the power 
of a pair of skinny jeans.


These Are Not Jogging Pants

(Zara pants and courts, Mango blazer, Bershka blouse)
(Swatch watch, H&M bracelets)
(Courts also seen here)
I LOVE the sheer panels on this blouse, the slightly cropped
and loose cut of the blazer, the white detail on these (fake)
jogging pants. I hate jogging pants unless they are in a
trendy color, or have a trendy silhouette, or are made out of
some trendy material. So well, I like jogging pants as soon
as they stop looking like jogging pants.
I don't even wear jogging pants to work out.
Actually, I don't think I had ever made that many sentences
featuring "jogging pants" since I was born.