I don't understand women who don't do their nails.
Unless it's a time issue, since I must confess 
these cows were fairly time-consuming.
I think it's been three years I haven't left home with bare nails, 
and two years I haven't "just" painted them in only one color.
One more deeply superficial conclusion:
so many possibilities, so easy to feel creative, pretty addictive.
Concretely: two or three manicures a week. 


New In

Ankle-strapped heels by Zara.
Long week, lovely treat. 
I was not really convinced by the ankle strap trend 
that has been running lately.
I tend to be skeptical when literally all fashion writers
on literally all medias start featuring the very same thing.
That was before these heels hit my eyes. 
Deep plum hue, suede, perfect height (sigh).
I tried the beauties on and suddenly agreed with them all.